Educational blog website for parents with personalized eCommerce store

Mighty Web Co. successfully revamped the Bumblebaby LLC website, bringing it to new heights. With our expertise, we migrated over 100 blog posts from Squarespace, developed an intuitive ecommerce store with user-friendly registration form, login form, and custom clients dashboard. Integrated a custom service reviews form, seamlessly incorporated an Instagram section, and created a unique WordPress theme. These enhancements have significantly elevated the brand’s online presence and enhanced the user experience for Bumblebaby’s audience.

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Screenshot of before and after a website redesign.

About The Client

Bumblebaby offers personalized, unlimited support before, during, and after birth, right at your fingertips, expert and evidence based strategies on topics ranging from feeding to postpartum depression.

Our Work & Responsibilities

  • Setting up custom WordPress theme
  • Integrating custom eCommerce store
  • Migrating over 100 blog posts from Squarespace
  • Importing products from Squarespace
  • Customized eCommerce shop page
  • Customized blog page and single posts

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